Mila: The mobile service marketplace that simplifies your life

Mila is a trusted marketplace for local services. This app will simplify your life. It will help you get things done, whenever and wherever you need it. Simply browse the community to check out local service offers. Or enter your own search request to receive personalized quotes from local service providers or talents in your neighbourhood.

Whether you are looking for a cleaning lady, a great thai massage, a caterer to provide food at your birthday party or a skilled expert to install your wireless network at home: once you specified and placed your search on the Mila marketplace, the app starts to search for providers and makes a connection. You can review the ratings of other customers and book and pay the service online or pay with your mobile phone.

Sharing Economy is booming for task marketplaces

This app also helps you to manage your errands and tasks from people in your neighbourhood like TaskRabbit from the US. People just share their needs and tasks on Mila and earn extra money. The sharing economy is a whole new way of living reported by theguardian.

The new way for Small Businesses to win customers online

If you are a small business owner or a private person looking to earn some extra cash, Mila is the marketplace where you can offer your service or talent. Up to now, you needed your own URL and website,  advertisement on yellow-pages or local newspapers, as well as business cards and brochures. All of this led to ongoing operating costs, but not a single client. Not surprisingly, many were kept from setting up their own company, and existing companies were kept from expanding beyond their borders.

With Mila, things are different: You just download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or online Thanks to the intuitive nature of the app you can create your company profile in no time – complete with photos and a description of your services. Or you can search for the service you need and let Mila browse the database to find matching offers.

Small businesses can purchase a Mila premium package to benefit from optimised Google Ad campaigns, Google SEO, the direct booking function and a better customer service. These packages will increase the productivity and help to generate more customers online.

Mila is designed for anyone who wants to get into contact with people from their neighborhood to get more done. And, following the faith in the sharing economy, Mila also supports non-cash transactions where services can be traded “quid pro quo”. This kind of services is found in the category “social and shared”. So everybody can make use of the platform, no matter if they are a seasoned professional, a student looking for some extra cash or a retired person.

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