Proud owner of the Swiss ICT Award 2013

I’m very proud to be the “Newcomer” People Award Winner of the famous Swiss ICT Award! A big thank you to my amazing team and loyal customers and partners! Over 800 people attended the award ceremony of the Swiss ICT Award yesterday in Lucerne at KKL. Several start-ups were awarded and it is obvious that the Swiss ICT start-ups is becoming more recognised. The Swiss ICT award ceremony is the most important event of the Swiss IT industry.

Younger Swiss ICT companies, which will play a significant role in the future with innovative solutions, are now recognised with the “Newcomer” Award. My friends from Starmind are the winner of the “Newcomer” company award. Starmind, a great startup from Zurich, analyzes your question and routes it to the best expert within your company.

The “Newcomer” People Award

I’m the proud winner of the “Newcomer” People Award, an award for an entrepreneur who has demonstrated innovation and leadership.

Together with my incredible team of more then 150 people we achieved many great milestones over the last few years:

We launched coresystems AG in 2006, a provider of mobile cloud and SAP solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises to let them better serve their customers. We won great customers including global power generation equipment supplier Alstom and global automated storage supplier Kardex. Last week coresystems had announced that the company has closed a financing round of $15 million. We help our customers to become a better customer service company.

We founded Mila AG in January 2013 and closed a seed financing round of $3 million. Mila is a trusted online market place for services that connects people and small businesses from the same neighbourhood to help each other getting things done. Mila launched the platform in Berlin and Zurich this summer.


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