Happy New Year And Business Review 2013

2013 was an unbelievable great year for Coresystems and Mila. I’m very proud to be Winner of the famous Swiss ICT Award! Again a big thank you to my amazing team, customers and partners! We achieved many great milestones in 2013:

Coresystems reached over 100’000 productive users with our innovative coresuite products, we won ALSTOM for our cloud based mobile field service solution, we closed a big funding round of $15M and we built a very strong and committed global team. Our ERP and Channel departments overachieved their sales targets, US team even by 150%! Congratulation!

I’m looking forward to our great coresystems inside event on the 30th of April. We will influence our customers, partners and leads with our innovative customer service cloud and coresuite apps.


In January 2013 we did the spin-off Mila and closed a seed-funding round of $3M to build the most trustful service marketplace. In April we launched the Mila mobile apps and in August we founded our European sales headquarter in Berlin. The biggest deal was definitively the cooperation with Swisscom and we enjoyed fantastic press awareness around the world.

Techcrunch wrote: Many ordinary citizens simply don’t trust these new platforms…to solve this inherent mistrust of the ‘sharing economy’ would be to partner up with a big player that people trust, giving instant validation and footprint. And that is exactly what Mila is doing today!

We are the first mover and I’m already under discussion with other big player to close similar deals – customers helping customers. Further we achieved our sales targets by 100% and won another 6 new private investors for the next funding round (series A).

My vision is to build the world’s leading customer service cloud and trusted service marketplace to simplify people’s life.

We need to help our customers to transform their service processes, to connect with their end-customer in entirely new ways and to become a better customer service company.

Our global team (Mila and Coresystems) counts already 150 peoples and we plan to increase this year by another 25-30 employees.

This can only be achieved with an outstanding and passionate team with trust and commitment. I sincerely thank my team for their passion to achieve and leadership in the last year and look forward to another successful year.

I’m very proud to work together with such an amazing team!

Happy New Year

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