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TOP 5 reasons Customer Helping Customer is the future of Customer Service!

More and more companies are turning to collaborative consumption practices to boost their customer support. Call it crowd sourcing, or crowd service; companies are increasingly recognizing that their own customers or brand advocates can be some of their most enthusiastic and efficient means of support for other customers.

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Is crowdsourcing the future of tech customer support?

The “techie next door” will help customers out Last September, Vodafone Germany, Germany’s second largest network operator, inspired by the sharing economy, launched a new service with online platform, in which customers could turn to other customers to get tech support. As tech has grown more complex, Vodafone Service Friends lets customers go online […]

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A German Cell Phone Company Is Outsourcing Tech Support To Crowd

Germany, the country that brought us intricate trash-sorting and car-sharing programs featuring slick BMWs, has a new innovation: peer-to-peer tech support. The program, launched this autumn by mobile phone provider Vodafone, basically aims to give less savvy users access to cost-effective tech help delivered right to their doors in the form of other users.

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